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Someone come keep me company!

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I got my first grade back from 7 essays I had to write for my Cybernetics class and got an A!

Best feeling and most deserved grade of all time!

Even tops getting an A on any Algebra or math course test ever!

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So as I get deeper into my Cyborgs and Cybernetics class, I've realized how relavant they are. Thank God because I was getting worried that I signed up for some crazy contemporary bullshit!

I also notice a recurring theme of these theories in the movies I put on today for background noise.
Ex.1:Vanilla Sky. It explores the advances in technology and the future, as well as the problems that could happen. Such as the human instinct to reject the 'intended program' and produce negative feedback, such as the glitch in LE.
Ex.2:Edward Scissorhands. The professor applies the theory of communication between man and machine within a system and it's ability to merge the two. He creates machines to do man's tasks, and Edward to have man's emotions and communication abilities, but he is still a machine. Edward is unable to merge his 'cyborg' self into human society, also producing negative feedback.

I definitely feel much better about wanting those Star Trek:Next Generation dvds.
Patrick Stewart anyone?

Another concept that I found interesting was that in the past the future was visualized with robots, hovercrafts, and machines to reduce human's tasks and labor. But no one predicted the computer and it's capabilities. Which brings up the point, will there be some crucial invention that will have significant impact that we haven't forseen? Kind of creepy.

And I know what this invention is...Tara Johnson's Sewbot 2007.001.
It's still in the works, but be ready for it!

This probably was an insanely boring entry for most of you, or you read it and actually said "Um, Duh!", so I apologize in advance, I just had to get some ideas out of the ole nogin.
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"With the computer, and brought together in the telematic embrace, we can hope to glimpse the unseeable, to grasp the ineffable chaos of becoming, the secret order of disorder." - Roy Ascott
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On my break at work. Bored.
I guess I really didn't have anything interesting to say after all.
We got in some nice sweaters.
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I <3 the Ali G Show.
So fucking good.
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I am fucking exhausted. Working 7 days a week sucks ass.
I wish I could've stayed in Houston for like at least another week,
I did have a lot of fun while I was there though, I just wish I could have spent more time with Alana and gotten to see Jon Ho.
I miss scumbers!
Spent a lot of time with Jon Galvan while I was there, I really like spending time with him. He's a lot of fun and easygoing. Of course the one guy I would want to date lives 5 hours away, lucky me.

On a good note, my internship boss offered me a job after I graduate, and Im going to take it. Thank God she did because that was the next thing on my dad's list to harass me with.
I'm so not ready for school to start. Can I just graduate already?
Anyhoo, Im to tired to type anymore, goodnite and everyone have a good week!

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Had dinner with Doro tonite, fun but now i miss Stepho even more.
Busy with internship, luckily my boss there loves me and is awesome so she has been promoting my designs so I should be selling, at least, a lot of my bags and clutches etc. soon. Im excited.
Tired of dealing with boys, miss Sean. Totally fucked up that oppurtunity because of AbeltheJackass months ago, knew I would be kicking myself in the ass eventually. Eventually meaning the last month or 2 or 3.
Going home the 20th-24th of July, Im so fucking ready. I miss home dammit.
Don't really know what else to say; hope all is well with everyone!
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..how's summer treating everyone?
Anyone wanna run away for a random weekend around july?
Speaking of July, Stepho you comin'? Bitch, I miss you!
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